As a non-profit educational and promotional organization, the members, directors, and officers of ETGRA have always taken pride in our work of promoting all aspects of goat production-from pet, to commercial, to the show industry. To this end, one element of our promotion has been through our participation as an affiliate club of the American Boer Goat Association. For several years, we have had a working relationship with the ABGA, hosting sanctioned shows, and providing educational programs with grant funding from ABGA, or utilizing information provided by the Association.
The American Boer Goat Association has recently sent a letter of reprimand for ethics violations to ETGRA, and has published this reprimand on their public website. At this time, the officers and board of directors of ETGRA are actively investigating the accusations that have been made, and are in direct contact with the officers and board of directors of ABGA, requesting any and all documentation available so that a fair and equitable outcome can be determined.
Thank you for your patience during this period. ETGRA will continue to function as a source of education and promotion for all aspects of the goat industry, and will notify all members as soon as a conclusion for this matter has been reached.

At the General Membership meeting of October 11, 2014, the membership voted to terminate the Affilate agreement ETGRA had with the American Boer Goat Association effective immediately. To read the letter the ETGRA board sent to ABGA click here

Welcome to East Texas Goat Raisers Association's (ETGRA) web page. ETGRA was formed in 1996 by a dedicated group of Goat Ranchers and Farmers to promote the goat industry in East Texas. This dedication remains the priority of ETGRA Board and general membership. The association sponsors sales, shows, and workshops on regular basis. Work shops cover all facets of raising goats such as marketing, feeding, medications, worming, genetics, preventative care, and general husbandry of goats.   We invite all people in the goat industry to attend this events and hopefully join ETGRA. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the practice of raising goats, ETGRA has a spot for you. There is a monthly meeting the first Tuesday of every month contact ETGRA for meeting times, location, and method.

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